Updated on Sep 27, 2023

Philosophy departments flourish through both concentration and expansion of intellectual interests. At Bogaziçi we combine individual specialization with departmental comprehensiveness, branching out as much as possible to represent the different areas of philosophy. 

To that end, our department combines analytic and continental viewpoints, as well as historical, systematic and scientifically-informed approaches. Consequently, our faculty members enable students to learn about a variety of philosophical issues, approaches, methods, and positions in sufficient depth and breadth. 

The language of education in our program is English. Some of our BA students pursue a double major, acquiring a significant background to work in different areas. For students who wish to proceed to do graduate work in philosophy, the department offers its MA program, as well as more advanced research opportunities leading to a PhD degree. See our BA, MA, and PhD programs.

A considerable number of our graduates, both BAs and MAs, continue their doctoral education at prestigious institutions all around the world. And a sizable number of our graduates are now teaching at other universities. See our placements.

Our department hosts the journal Felsefe Tartismalari: A Turkish Journal of Philosophy, the first Turkish philosophy journal listed in the Philosopher's Index.

The Department office (TB360) is open weekdays from 9:00-17:00. See map.

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