Colloquium by Alberto L. Siani on ‘Kant’s Places. Habitats, Aesthetics, Culture’

Cuma, Ocak 12, 2024 - 17:00

Alberto L. Siani (Associate Professor, Pisa University) will give his talk ‘Kant’s Places. Habitats, Aesthetics, Culture’ on Friday 12th January at 17:00. JF 507


This paper stems from two main roots. The first is an interpretation of Kantian aesthetics that might be called “pragmatist”. The second is a more recent interest in the philosophy of landscape. Kant and the landscapes have found a confluence in the first chapter on a book on Landscape Aesthetics due to appear 2024. In that chapter, I argue that the philosophical location of landscapes is a theory of habitats which I outline based on Kant. What I present in this paper is the more strictly Kant-related material from that chapter.

I begin by investigating the Kantian taxonomy of philosophical spaces in the second paragraph of the Introduction to his Critique of Judgment, entitled On the domain of philosophy in general, with a specific focus on his notion of “habitat” (Aufenthalt). Habitats are the spaces of empirical contingency, where humans cannot hope to establish necessary and universal laws, but at most a provisional, a posteriori order of familiarity. As I will highlight in the following section, the groundwork for this possibility is an aesthetic one. On this basis I then proceed to discuss the paradoxical centrality of the liminal space of the “habitat” and sketchily develop it toward a non-dualistic, pragmatist idea of culture in its relationship with the inhabited space and on the background of, in a broad sense, environmental concerns.

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