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Instructions for application to admission to the Philosophy Department MA program


(Revised on Nov 10, 2022)
Please be careful about updated information on the page!

Note for 2022-2023 applicants: There may be updates on this page. Please follow here as well as the university's page for reliable information. The next round of applications will be open in Spring 2023. This page is informative, but will be updated before the admission process begins.

Note for Turkish speakers: Bir sonraki dönem yüksek lisans başvuruları 2023 senesinin Bahar döneminde yapılacaktır. Detaylı bilgi için ilgili birimlerle irtibata geçebilirsiniz.

1. You must apply to the University for admission to the Philosophy Department MA program between April 18 - June 13, 2022. For the Spring 2022 application period, the details of the general rules of application can be found at the links listed below. (After the completion of your application, please check out occasionally the Grad page of the Philosophy Department, for recent announcements concerning the exams.)

In English:

Info on Applying to Philosophy Department

Schedule, Required documents, Application guide, Logging into the application system

In Turkish:

Felsefe Bölümü başvuru bilgileri

Takvim, Başvuru belgeleri, Başvuru kılavuzu, Başvuru sistemine giriş

2. In addition, by June 13, 2022 please send the Philosophy Department Secretary Süheyla Öğretici a Statement of Purpose. It should be e-mailed as an attachment to

3. In the Statement of Purpose, describe how you understand philosophy and what your current interests in philosophy are. 

4. You should send the Secretary a Writing Sample. You must e-mail it as an attachment to by June 13.

5. The Writing Sample is a piece of philosophical writing 4 to 8 normal pages in length, or about 1400 to 2800 words. We will examine it first for quality of philosophical writing and secondly for how well its subject matter falls within the specializations of Department members. For this reason you may want to examine the web pages of Department members.

6. We post on our web site a sample of questions suitable for the Writing Sample. If you choose to submit a Writing Sample, you may deal either with one of these questions or with a question of your own choosing.

7. Do not write your name or identify yourself on the Writing Sample or the Statement of Purpose. Also, please send us Microsoft Word documents, not PDFs.

8. We will use a computer program to examine both the Statement of Purpose and the optional Writing Sample for plagiarism. If either the Statement of Purpose or the Writing Sample is determined to be plagiarized, you will be disqualified. In order to understand what plagiarism is, please study


9. If your application and written exam meet certain standards, you will be interviewed by the Philosophy Department. There will be an oral exam starting on June 29. Applicants will be sent details by email. Please check your emails, this is important.

10. All the work mentioned above will be done in English.

11. Check out our departmental site for the updates.

Philosophy Department Secretarial Office: South Campus, TB-360
Office Phone: +90 212 359 65 58

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